Replacing Network Adapter? Use “USB to Ethernet Adapter”

Few weeks ago one of my co-employee called me about the network problem of his laptop. When I got to see his laptop I saw that the cap of the Ethernet port of his laptop is broken.

The said cap is pushing the RJ45 connector upward to make contact with the laptop’s Ethernet port pins. Without the cap pushing the RJ45 the network will not work unless something is pushing the RJ45.

I called the laptop’s official service center but to my surprise they gave me a sky high quotation. When I told him about the price he backed down.

Fortunately, there is a “USB to Ethernet Adapter” available in the market. It is cheaply available at about less than $20. Below is a photo of “USB to Ethernet Adapter”.


The installation is easy. Just plugin the adapter, then connect the network cable then install the driver that comes with the device.

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