You’ve been hacked?

Check Your E-mail if it’s Involved in Breach

I know that some users are paranoid on the security of their data. We are lucky because Mozilla has just unveiled “Firefox Monitor” a tool to check if your email has been involved in a breach.

Are We Still Safe?

Today, when doing something online, security is paramount. With all the articles that I come to read everyday in the internet about security breaches I come to think if I am also hacked.

Those articles made me feel uneasy and unsecured. Even Facebook and Apple have experienced a breach before. Those companies pride themselves on the security they employ.

But why they are still getting breached?

Breach Check

I am going no further in this article. With the help of Firefox Monior we are now able to see if our email has been involved in a breach by visiting Firefox Monitor’s link

Firefox Monitor is free and simple to use. Start by entering your email address into the scan field then click scan.

If your email address has been involved in a breach here’s what you should see.

If your email hasn’t been involved in a breach before here’s what you should see after the scan.

Sign up for Firefox Monitor

Stay safe with Firefox Monitor protection. You’ll get a full report on your compromised accounts and notifications any time your accounts appear in new data breaches.


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