QUICK TUTORIAL: Newly Purchased Laptop Having Blue Screen Error

You just bought yourself a new shiny laptop, but after only a few minutes of using it, it crashed, and a blue screen with a countdown timer says an error that can be read as “IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL”.

Your laptop reboots but you can only see a black screen, only the mouse pointer is visible for a long time before your desktop and task bar appeared.

You tried to be savvy and opened the event viewer of your new shiny laptop, you found an error with “WHEA-Logger” description, and another one which read “Bug Check” error.

Don’t freak out because most of the time it can only be caused by an outdated driver installed on your computer, sometimes it can be fixed by performing a windows update.

Here’s how you can fix it…



It works for me, but not all cases are the same. If you still experiencing a blue and black screen error after updating your windows you may have to update the drivers of your laptop’s hardware. Just go to the official website of the manufacturer of your laptop then download the most recent driver for your device.

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