Link your Facebook Profile to Twitter

Have you ever dreamt of linking your social media accounts? Linking your social media accounts can save you time on posting especially if you have multiple accounts from different social media platforms.

If you want to link some of your social media accounts I got some tips for you on how to link your Facebook profile to your Twitter profile.

Take note, we are going to link your Facebook profile to your Twitter profile. If you posted a status on your Facebook it will also be tweeted on your Twitter.

The link will only enable to you automatically post from your Facebook post to Twitter. Your tweets are not going to be automatically posted to your Facebook profile.

How to Link Facebook to Twitter

Login to your Facebook then click this link:

After clicking the link, you should see something like the screenshot below, click “Link My Profile to Twitter” to continue.

Screenshot source

If you haven’t logged-in to your Twitter account it will ask you login then authorize Facebook. Click “Authorize app” to Authorize Facebook.

Screenshot source


After clicking “Authorize app” you will be brought to this page. Do you notice the checklist with checks? Those are the selection of what are you going to allow to be posted automatically on Twitter. If all are okay with you just click “Save Changes” to finish.

Screenshot source

After clicking save try to post on your Facebook. After posting from your Facebook it should automatically going to be posted on your Twitter.

Just remember that only Facebook posts with a privacy setting of ‘Public’ will be shared on Twitter.

If you no longer want your Facebook posts to be posted on Twitter you can always revoke the link by revoking the access of Facebook on your Twitter. You can do the revocation by going on your Twitter’s settings.


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