My First Year in Steemit

My Steemit Story

Time flies, it has been a year since I joined Steemit. The date is September 15, 2017 when my account was approved and did my first login.

Since then I have made a lot of friends and get to know different people from all around the world just because of the wonderful platform of Steemit.

For me joining Steemit is just an accident. It was an ordinary day when I am casually reading articles about blockchain and cryptocurrency in the internet when I found myself reading an article in Wikipedia.

There, I stumble upon an excerpt about Steemit, I was intrigue so I visited the website. I joined right away after reading about Steem and Steemit.

At first my purpose of joining Steemit is just to earn Steem that I will use in trading cryptocurrency. But it doesn’t materialize because I found out that I am not really interested in trading cryptocurrency.

Suddenly my passion for writing and blogging got into high gear because of the reward that Steemit offers.

But before Steemit I was already blogging in other sites, I have my blogger blog, a YouTube channel and an AdSense account.

Since then Steemit has become my primary platform in blogging. Steemit transcends my way of life because it does give me another way of earning while blogging my favorite genres.

It is because of Bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrency as to why I made my way to Steemit. Since I became a Steemian I’ve never looked back to other platform that users doesn’t earn.

I admit that because I can earn in Steemit I have made my mind that I will going to using old platforms that doesn’t pay you in return.

Now, I mainly use Facebook in messaging and only peeking at my timeline when I am done doing my turf in Steemit and other similar platform.

My use of Twitter is now exclusively for participating in cryptocurrency airdrops. YouTube made a change on their policy disabling my channel’s ability to earn.

With Steemit on the side and my YouTube channel’s disabled earning through AdSense because of the change of policy in YouTube I turned my whole attention to Steemit.

Some Steemit users have lie low because the value of Steem have been hovering at about $1 from the all time high of $12 in December or 2017.

They were discouraged by the low market value of Steem making them inactive. But not me, never did I become so discouraged of the low value of Steem maybe because I love blogging.

And maybe because I believe that I will reap the fruit of my effort while blogging in the Steem blockchain.

I knew that time will come and my effort will reap its fruit.

Joining Steemit and being a Steemian for a year opened a lot of doors for me. While blogging for a year in Steemit I learned a lot of things from the technology itself and the success that it can brings.

Thank you Lord for giving Steemit to us who believe in it. It has been a fruitful one year journey. And hopefully more success to come for me in the Steem blockchain.

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